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LTE Devices

From the global leader in Public Safety Broadband comes a portfolio of hardened LTE devices, optimized for first responders.

Officers everywhere are depending on the rich flow of intelligence that a mobile broadband connection can deliver. Offender records. Crime statistics. Video feeds. Real-time collaboration tools.

And when you depend on a device, you need a device that's dependable. One that's built for the realities of first responders. Tough enough to survive. Loud enough to be useful. Smart enough to be simple to use.

Our porttfolio comprises handheld devices, a vehicle-mounted modem, and add-on encryption solutions. Carefully integrated with mission-critical applications like WAVE, they deliver ultra-rugged, ultra-secure, public safety-grade connectivity.

Join the broadband revolution. Make the move to mobile intelligence.

  • LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld

    The LEX L10 Mission Critical Handheld delivers intelligent data over Public Safety and Commercial LTE Networks.

  • LEX F10 FirstNet Solution

    The LEX F10 is offered specifically for the FirstNet broadband network by Motorola Solutions: one of the FirstNet partners.

  • VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem

    The VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem connects equipment in a vehicle to a Public Safety LTE network, for broadband connectivity on the road.

  • CRYPTR 2 Broadband IP Encryption Unit

    Motorola’s CRYPTR 2 Broadband IP Encryption unit is well suited for use in broadband networks to provide reliable, end-to-end encrypted communications.

  • CRYPTR micro Encryption Unit

    This add-on product delivers FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and NSA Suite B voice and data encryption in a microSD™ form factor.

  • Discontinued

    These products may no longer be manufactured or available for sale, but here you'll find information on how to upgrade, replace or repair your product.