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Focus on your surroundings. Not your apps.


A smartphone is a powerful tool. But in the field, your safety depends on staying aware of your environment. The PSX App Suite was built with this in mind.

With strategically-positioned controls, single sign-on, radio network interoperability, and seamless transitions from app to app, the PSX App Suite is designed to keep you focused on the mission, not the screen.


Seamlessly push-to-talk among smartphones and radios, with a user interface built for the field.


Talkgroups aren't just for talking anymore. Share with your group anything from texts to video to your current location.


Locate backup personnel, start a PTT session or create dynamic talkgroups based on who is nearby.


A single secure login establishes your identity and role across all PSX apps.


Discover how PSX apps help you stay connected, stay informed and stay safe.


A push-to-talk app
built for public safety

There is nothing like push-to-talk when it comes to fast, urgent communications. Seamlessly connect across smartphones and radio systems.

  • PTT with street-ready features like private call and emergency call
  • Use the same credentials across broadband and P25 radio networks, retaining group membership and priority status
  • Instantly switch to messaging or map your group members, while retaining talkgroup information and context

PSX Messenger

Connect across networks

Text, photos or video – securely send it to your talkgroup, your organization or only personnel in a given area. Switch instantly to push-to-talk mode, keeping the same talk group and communicating between smartphones and radios.

  • Share text, photos, video, audio clips or a map of your location.
  • Use the same credentials and talkgroups across broadband and ASTRO 25 networks
  • Pivot to PSX PTT or PSX Mapping, without losing the talkgroup or conversation thread

PSX Mapping

Always know
where backup is

Sometimes you just need to contact someone nearby, or see the locations of everyone in your task force. With PSX Mapping, you can find the right people, then communicate, coordinate and take action.

  • View and track personnel locations, no matter if they are using a smartphone or a radio
  • Place all nearby personnel in a dynamic talkgroup with just one tap
  • Select an individual or instantly create a talkgroup of nearby colleagues, and PTT or chat with them instantly

PSX Cockpit

Simple and secure

Change settings, establish your identity, monitor linked devices and connect your PSX applications to critical back-end systems with PSX Cockpit. This app is required for all PSX apps to operate.

  • Sign on once and have your ID recognized across all PSX apps and ASTRO 25 radio networks
  • Select your role and set status and availability
  • Configure PSX apps and connected devices

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